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Testing room of analyzers and gas detectors, measuring of gas concentrations and methane screening

LaboratořThe testing room most often deals with flammable and toxic gases, in production as well as laboratory conditions. A great deal is taken by methane screening, measuring of methane in soil gas, chemical determination of biomass content and other specialized tests.

Emissions of methane, methane screening

  • Methane screening (method of atmogeochemical survey for measuring the concentrations of methane and carbon dioxide in soil gas. Measuring of gases is carried out by a penetration probe – it is used in building industry, area remediation, fixing of old mines, exploration work etc.)
  • Draft of safety measures
  • Activities of professional safety (methane) supervision for building industry
  • Measuring of methane by a carpet probe (e.g. detection of gas leakage, proving tightness of underground pipelines)
  • Measuring of methane dynamics emission to the surface.
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Analyzers: tests, calibrations, inspection

  • Tests of analyzers for certification of products according to valid norms ČSN EN 60079-29-1, ČSN EN 45544-1 to 3, ČSN EN 50104 - ed.3,
  • Determination of calibration curves of analyzers and gas and vapour detectors
  • Proving of operational reliability, setting of signalization limits, response period etc.

Calibration services directly at the customer´s place

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Detection of flammable and toxic gases, vapours and oxygen leakages

  • Measuring of flammable and toxic gases, vapours and oxygen leakages in industry
  • Sampling and analysis (base for assessment of inner impacts of environment, respectively categorizing into zones with risk of explosion for risk analysis).
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Determination of biomass content in TAP (SFR) according to ČSN EN 15440 norm

  • Determination of biomass content by method of selective dissolution
  • Determination of complex carbon fraction content of biomass and non-biomass by method of selective dissolution
  • Determination of calorific value of biomass and non-biomass fraction
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Landfill gases

  • Measuring of basic components of landfill gases (CH4, CO2, CO, O2 and others).

Other tests

  • Determination of flammability (decree 164/2004 Sb. – A12),
  • Tests of detection tubes for flammable and toxic gases and alcohol in breath
  • Determination of zinc content on the surface of steel wire according to ČSN 42 0743,
  • Determination of lubricant content – by extraction
  • Determination of material smokiness and toxic fumes according to E 662 a ATS 1000.001.


  • Drafts of safety measures
  • Assessment of measurement results
  • Assessment reports

Selected reference

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