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Testing laboratory of explosives and methods of controlled blasting

Accredited activities:

  • tests of all types of igniters
  • tests of high explosives, low energy cords and fuzes
  • tests of automatic charging machines for cartridge explosives in borings
  • tests of mixer and charger trucks for manufacturing of high explosives in the location of usage
  • tests of fuzes, ohmmeters and insulation gauges
  • tests of stemming cases and tools for blastin
  • assessment of blasting physical-chemical properties of explosives

The tests are carried out in accordance with Government Directive no. 358/2001 Coll., which defines the technical requirements on explosives for civil uses relating to the placing on the market, amended by Government Directive no. 416/2003 Coll., according to harmonized European norms, ČSN, STN and internal working methods of the testing lab.

Ilustrativní obrázek

Other non-accredited activities of the testing laboratory:

  • Consultancy and expert activities in the scope of business
  • Cooperation on granting projects of the CR and EU
  • Participation in TNK-142 „Explosives and Pyrotechnics“


Ing. Jindřich Jarosz, CSc.
Head of Department, Professional Guarantor

tel.: +420 596 252 354
mob.: +420 607 687 875
e-mail: jaroszj@vvuu.cz
Ing. Přemysl Kanclíř
Professional Guarantor

tel.:+420 596 252 255
mob.:+420 725 186 984
Ladislav Cihlář
Professional Guarantor

tel.: +420 596 252 275
mob.: +420 606 728 672
e-mail: cihlarl@vvuu.cz