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Complex services in the fields of Fire Safety

Fire protection

Thanks to our persons professionally competent in fire protection we provide processing of all actions to ensure fire protection, as follows form requirements of law no. 133/1985 Coll. and notice no. 246/2001:

  • documentation on inclusion to category of activities with increased fire risk or high fire risk,
  • assessment of fire risk,
  • appointing organization for fire protection,
  • fire regulations,
  • fire alarm regulations,
  • fire evacuation plan,
  • documentation on surmounting of fires,
  • regulations of fire alarm announcement office,
  • topics and time schedule for training of employees and for professional preparation of preventive fire patrols and fire prevention officer,
  • documentation on training of employees andprofessional preparation of fire patrols and fire prevention officers,
  • fire safety log book,
  • documentation on activities and actionability of fire unit, respectively fire patrol.