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ATEX – Solving requirements of government directive no. 406/2004 Coll.

Ensuring complex services with respect to government directive no. 406/2004 Sb. – on detailed requirements on ensuring safety and health protection at work in environment with explosion risk (implementation of requirements of European Parliament and Council directive no. 99/92/EC – ATEX 137).

  • Carrying out safety audits with respect to the requirements to government directive no. 406/2004 Coll.,
  • Complex processing and keeping of documentation on explosion protection (requirement § 4, letter d) government directive no. 406/2004 Coll.)
  • Risk analysis of technology, technological parts and devices and their subsequent categorization into zones with respect to explosion risk:
    • norm EN 60079-10-2 ed. 2 – spaces with flammable dust
    • norm EN 60079-10-1 ed. 2 – spaces with flammable gases and vapors
  • Accredited expertises of fire-technical characteristics and explosive characteristics of materials
  • Analysis of risk assessment connected with presence of ignition sources (EN 1127-1 ed. 2, EN ISO 80079-36 and other connected norms)
  • Proposal and possible mediation of technical and organizational measurements
  • Complex inspection of labelling of dangerous spaces with safety labels (government directive no. 375/2017).


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