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Certification body for products

Accredited certification of products

Certification body for products in VVUÚ, a. s. is a holder of Certificate of Accreditation no. 762/2020, issued by Czech Accreditation Institute, based on assessment of fulfilment of criteria for accreditation, according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013

Scope of product certification according to appendix to Certificate of Accreditation:

  • personal protective equipment against falls from a height, including anchor devices and rescue equipment,
  • climbing equipment (climbing carabiners, dynamic climbing ropes, harnesses, tapes, rock pitons, climbing screws, loops, rope clutches, accessory cords, energy absorbing systems, anchor cams, mechanical anchor cams and pulleys, ice tools, belay devices)
  • conveyor belts made of natural rubber and plastic for use in underground mines
  • analyzers of gas, vapour and other substances in the air and environment for usage in environment with no risk of explosion
  • machinery for use in underground mines not listed in appendix no. 4, Government Order no. 176/2008 Coll., e.g. chain and conveyor belts, trackless machines, drilling systems, drilling machines, breakers, sorters and separators
  • machinery listed in appendix no. 4, Government Order no. 176/2008 Coll., e.g. track locomotives, suspended mining locomotives, special locomotives, rack rail systems including parts and brake-vans
  • steel wire ropes and slings made of steel wire ropes
  • pneumatic hand tools
  • flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC) for common products
  • hight explosives, propellants, detonation cords, fuses, detonators, delay fuses
  • blasting machines, detonator tester, testers of detonating circuits, detonation tube igniters, shot firing cables and connecting cables


Voluntary certification of products

Voluntary certification follows client requirements and the purpose of the particular product. It includes following activities:

  • risk analysis
  • testing in the accredited laboratory,
  • assessment of characteristics according to requirements of legal regulations.

Through the period of certificate validity we also supervise the production to ensure stable quality of the product.

Voluntary certification is carried out in accordance with quality system given by ČSN EN ISO 9001, which is VVUÚ, a.s. certified for.

Scope of the voluntary certification:

  • selected machinery
  • personal protective equipment against falls from heights (UIAA,NFPA,ANSI)
  • hoses
  • pipelines
  • transportation devices
  • plastics and mixtures for underground usage

Further information concerning the system of certification, including its rules and procedures, will be provided by the head of the certification body upon a particular request.