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About the company

About the company

VVUÚ a.s. was established in 1952 as Institute of coal research whose original mission was dealing mainly the problems of safety and technologies, used in deep mines and heavy industry.

Gradually in the premises of the company in Ostrava-Radvanice there were build special testing mines and places for testing of fires, fuel explosions, dusts, gases and their characteristics. Later there were added special laboratories and testing rooms, connected with issues of explosiveness and flammability.

Then there came testing rooms for ropes,  mining machines and selected technologies; testing rooms and storehouses for explosives, testing rooms of flow, dustiness, ventilation and filter devices for mining industry and other branches; technologies of industry and electric power industry. In parallel with development of these branches there were built facilities for industrial manufacturing and storehouses for products of the company itself.

In 1992 the company was transformed into joint-stock company which has been successfully improving these branches:

  • Certification of products and conformity checking
  • Testing
  • Laboratories and measuring
  • Certification of management systems
  • Risk analysis of explosions and fires
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Commercial, expert and engineering activities

In the course of years the company has become an important and frequented partner in the field of safety and prevention; further on in scientific and research projects, as well as developing and tests of new products.

Currently the company has 75 internal employees and collaborates with significant experts, state institutions, universities and specialized departments on various projects and tasks of science and research.